Get Videoed


The first step on the path to become a college baseball player is to be videoed. Our videos are made to showcase the tools that you offer to possible colleges. We shoot the video over the course of a weekend at your high school or another location if needed. 

Most videos typically include one (1) defensive position, hitting, and 60 yard dash.  For players with  multiple positions, an additional fee may apply for secondary positions.

Get Exposed


SEBRS has relationships with local college coaches, and our skill videos get viewed daily online. After the player gives us a list of potential colleges that not only fit his playing abilities, but also fit his field of study, we personally send his video to the desk of those coaches.  We will also send the video to other colleges that match the athletic and academic requirements.   

All videos will also be uploaded on our site as well as our Youtube channel. This will help give the player exposure on a nationwide level, further increasing his chances of playing at the next level.