Southeastern Baseball Recruiting Services (SEBRS) is a company based minutes south of the heart of Atlanta.  The main goal of SEBRS is to help provide players with an equal opportunity to play baseball at the next level, while giving back to the local community.  We believe giving back will teach students how to be a better person for all humanity.

Recruiting Videos

We do this by providing college coaches with a skills video that helps showcase each players strengths.  Our team will set up cameras at your field of choice, then the student will undergo a college showcase work out.  These videos show a players skills of the 5 tools ; Hitting, Fielding, Speed, Arm Strength,  and Power.  We time a 60 yard sprint, radar arm velocity and exit velocity, 275 ft throws, showcase hitting power, and more. 

Community Service Program

SEBRS community service program, each student will give their services to the community on a mouthy basis.  We believe in having our students give back to the community, which has supported their youth baseball career.  Students donate their time to help with local charity events, community fundraisers, local church detail and much more. 

We’ve worked to develop relationships with college coaches and our contact list grows every year.


​​​*In 2018-19, there was a total of 508,147 high school baseball players in the nation. *11.2 % of high school baseball players play college baseball.

*The odds to go on and play at any division of college is 9:1   

  *Source: www.scholarshipstats.com